Rishi Matcha Super Green Loose Leaf Green Tea, 1.76 Oz.

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Our greenest green tea, rishi matcha super green loose leaf green tea combines first and second flush sencha with bright matcha green tea powder for a supercharged, vivid green cup. sencha lends delicious umami and sweetness that are enlivened by the fresh points of pure japanese matcha. known for its high concentration of l-theanine amino acid, matcha lends this tea an uplifting energy and zen buzz that goes beyond what is found with a typical sencha. matcha super green yields two brilliant infusions: most of the matcha is released in the first infusion for an ultra-rich cup, followed by a second infusion that presents a welcomed sweetness comprised mostly of sencha. includes one 1.76 oz. tin rishi matcha super green loose leaf green tea. we are the vanguard practitioner of tea and botanical arts; a wellspring of adventure to curious tasters like you through devotion to our craft.

Organic green tea.

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