Organic Coffee Company Occ Java Love Ground, Regular Roast, 12 Oz.

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Organic coffee company occ java love ground, regular roast is a natural and delicious pre-ground, roasted coffee. made with 100% arabica coffee, this coffee is free of unnatural and unnecessary additives. this product is organic and kosher. each bag of organic coffee company occ java love ground, regular roast weighs 12 oz.

Organic 100% arabica coffee (flavored coffees also contain natural flavors)

Cooking Instructions
Making great coffee water: brewed coffee is over 89% water. use fresh, cold tap or bottled drinking water. never use distilled or hot tap water. amount: use 1 to 2 rounded tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 oz of water. adjust to taste. best method are drip filter, vacuum, french press, and espresso. drink as soon as possible for freshness. avoid keeping on a burner - use an insulated carafe instead. avoid reheating.

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