Food For Life Bread, Genesis 1:29 Sprouted Whole Grains, The Original, 24 Oz.

Food For LifeSKU: 073472001417

Sold By: NET WT. 24 OZ. (1½ LBS.) (680G)


Food for life bread, genesis 1:29 sprouted whole grains, the original is a delicious and healthy alternative to regular white bread. every ingredient is organic, from sprouted wheat to wheat gluten, and there is absolutely no flour. the exclusive baking techniques blend all the distinctive flavors for a real taste treat. this bread is kosher, organic and whole grain. it is a good source of fiber. each bag contains 24 oz. of wholesome bread.

Org sprouted wheat, filtered water, org malted barley, org pumpkin seeds, org sunflower seeds, org unhulled sesame seeds, org unprocessed wheat bran, org sprouted spelt, org sprouted corn, org sprouted soybeans, org chia seeds, org sprouted barley, org sprouted millet, org sprouted rye, org sprouted brown rice, variety 5-grain & seed blend: (org sprouted flax seed, org sprouted quinoa, org sprouted teff, org sprouted amaranth), org wheat gluten, fresh yeast, sea salt.

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