Fleischmann's Yeast, Active Dry Yeast, 3 Packets

Fleischmann's ClassicSKU: 040100009282

Sold By: THREE 1/4 OZ PACKETS • NET 3/4 OZ (21 G)


Fleischmann's active dry yeast is the original dry yeast, known to be highly stable and valued. each 3 pack is gluten-free and kosher. this product can be used in recipes that call for instant or rapid rise yeast. each packet contains approximately 2.25 tsp. of yeast. there are approximately 24 servings of yeast per 3 pack.

Usage Instructions
How to use for each packet, simply dissolve in 1/4 cup warm liquid (100°-110°f) with 1 tsp. sugar to activate yeast. then follow your recipe.

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