Finn Crisp Thin Crispbread, Multigrain With Sourdough Rye, 6.2 Oz.

Finn CrispSKU: 605870000190

Sold By: X 26 SLICES / PACK


Finn crisp thin crispbread, multigrain with sourdough rye is low in calories, but high in taste and fiber. these baked, whole grain crispbreads are ideal as a snack, as an accompaniment to salads or soups, or topped with cheese, dip or hummus. made with all-natural ingredients, these snacks are kosher and non-gmo. each box of finn crisp thin crispbread, multigrain with sourdough rye contains 6.2 oz. of product.

Whole-grain rye flour, wheat flour, whole-grain oat flour, whole-grain barley flour, water, millet, salt and yeast.


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