Extra Strength Tick Repellent

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Extra strength tick repellent

Clove oil (2%), geranium oil (2%), peppermint oil (2%), rosemary oil (2%), cedarwood oil (1%), spearmint oil (1%), cinnamon oil (0.5%).
Water, vanillin,* glycerin. (total 100%)

Usage Instructions
Directions: mist over exposed skin, hair and clothing being sure to thoroughly spray socks, shoes, legs and any other body parts likely to come into contact with brush or grass. reapply as needed, after swimming or excercise and more often in wet and humid conditions. other preventive actions to reduce tick bites include wearing light clothing, tucking pants into socks and regular tick checks on your body.

Caution: this product is intended for external use only and may be harmful if swallowed. adult supervision is required when applying. avoid spraying in mouth and eyes. do not allow children to handle this product and do not apply to children's hands. test patch on skin for sensitivity prior to use. if eye irritation results, rinse eyes with cool water. if skin irritation results, wash with soap and water and discontinue use. if irritation persists, seek medical advice.
Not recommended for dogs or cats.

Warning Statments
Keep out of reach of children.

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