Eden Foods Sencha Green Tea, 16 Tea Bags

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Title: 16 TEA BAGS


Eden foods sencha green tea is made from hand picked, first spring green leaves of the camellia sinensis (tea plant). each .84 oz. box of sencha green tea contains 16 bags of flavorful, roasted organic green tea leaves, steamed and twice rubbed to capture their cherished aroma, flavor and antioxidant catechins.

Organic sencha green tea leaves camellia sinensis

Cooking Instructions
Brewing directions for the perfect cup hot: we recommend using a ceramic, glass, earthenware or stainless steel kettle or teapot. heat water to almost a boil. fill a cup and steep the tea bag for 4 plus minutes and remove. green tea should not be boiled. iced: for a glass of ice tea, brew as above using less water. after steeping, cool and then pour into an ice filled glass. to make a pitcher of iced tea, we recommend using 4 teas bags to 1 quart water for 6 servings.

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