Dynamic Health Pure Cranberry Juice Concentrate, 16 Fl. Oz.

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Dynamic health pure cranberry juice concentrate is a natural, healthy drink, which is ideal for mixing into your favorite water, juice or fruity cocktail, but is also a fantastic topping for ice cream or yogurt. with only 50 calories per serving and no added sugar, this delicious beverage is entirely suitable for those who avoid gluten in their diet. this bottle holds 16 fl. oz. of pure cranberry juice concentrate, which amounts to 16 servings.

Cranberry juice concentrate.

Usage Instructions
Directions: serving size 2 tbsp (30 ml) of organic black cherry 100% juice concentrate. may be mixed with water, seltzer, juice or a beverage of your choice. store in cool, dry, dark place. started levels valid only while product is unopened and properly stored.

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