Desert Essence Dental Tape, Tea Tree Oil, 1 Each

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Desert essence dental tape, tea tree oil is a convenient dental tool, ideal for on-the-go maintenance. infused with natural tea tree oil, this dental tape is specifically designed to promote overall oral health and to provide maximum comfort. this product is manufactured using cruelty-free methods, is vegetarian friendly and does not contain artificial detergents or synthetic perfumes. this unit of desert essence dental tape, tea tree oil contains one box of dental tape. see label for warnings.

Usage Instructions
How to use: pull approximately 18" (45 cm) of tape, wind around fingers and hold tautly. leave an inch or two to work with. gently guide tape between teeth and gums using an up and down motion. be sure to curve around the base of each tooth and clean beneath the gumline. repeat using a clean section between each tooth.

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