Choice Organic Tea, Rooibos Original, 16 Tea Bags

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Choice organic tea, rooibos-original is a luxurious natural tea. made solely with organic rooibos tea, choice organic tea, rooibos-original is free of unnatural and unnecessary additives, allowing the pure taste of the rooibos tea to remain uncompromised. this product is organic, kosher and gluten-free. each box of choice organic tea, rooibos-original contains 16 tea bags. this product does not contain caffeine. see label for warnings.

Organic rooibos*

Cooking Instructions
Brewing instructions bring water to boiling and steep 4-5 minutes. iced tea is easy! 1. prepare your tea according to brewing directions above, using two bags. 2. remove tea bags and add sweetener if desired. 3. let tea cool at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or add ice, then serve!

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