Cascadian Farm Organic Frozen Red Raspberries, 8 Oz.

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Cascadian farm organic frozen red raspberries allow you to enjoy these sweet fruits anytime, even when they're not in season. this 8 oz. bag contains two servings perfect for adding to baked goods or morning oatmeal. we use growing methods that are good for the soil, including mulching and crop rotation, making this an eco-friendly product. thaw these juicy, premium berries in the refrigerator or microwave and drain if necessary before enjoying.

Organic raspberries

Cooking Instructions
To thaw in refrigerator: place bag (or desired amount of fruit) in bowl. refrigerate about 6 hours. drain if desired. store thawed fruit in refrigerator. to thaw in microwave: empty bag into microwavable bowl. cover; microwave on defrost according to chart, stirring halfway through. drain if desired. store thawed fruit in refrigerator. do not microwave in bag. microwave wattage* 1200 time on defrost 4 minutes microwave wattage* 1000 time on defrost 6 minutes microwave wattage* 700 time on defrost 8 minutes *microwave wattages vary; adjust defrost time for the wattage of your microwave. do not leave microwave unattended.

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