Aunt Fannies Flypunch Fruit Fly Trap, 6 Oz.

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Knock out fruit flies with aunt fannies flypunch fruit fly trap. our non-toxic, patent pending formula attracts and eliminates fruit flies. for use in kitchens, other food or food disposal areas and anywhere fruit flies might be present in your home. flypunch is most potent for two weeks; replace as necessary. includes one 6 oz. bottle of aunt fannies flypunch fruit fly trap. aunt fannie’s brings your house and health back home to the microbiome. our fast formulas get dirty jobs done while letting nature work as intended. get rid of dirt, germs and pests: keep the good stuff.

Active ingredients: sodium lauryl sulfate 3.00% malic acid 0.05% other ingredient: 96.95% total: 100% water, vinegar, ethyl lactate, citrus pulp

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