Absolutely Gluten Free Original Flatbread, 5.29 Oz

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Absolutely gluten free original flatbread uses wholesome ingredients to bring you the crispy and delicious taste of a versatile snack. made from potatoes instead of soy, corn or rice, this flatbread mixes a handful of other simple ingredients into its recipe, such as tapioca, eggs, honey and natural vinegar. enjoy it with your favorite dip or spread, make it into easy-to-carry sandwiches or eat it as a snack for a quick midday pick-me-up. use the flatbread in this 5.29 oz. box as a base for mini pizzas or sophisticated appetizers whenever you have guests or are in the mood for a filling yet fast meal.

Tapioca starch, water, potato starch, potato flakes, palm oil, maltodextrin, honey, egg yolks, natural vinegar, salt.


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