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Organic Turkey Dinner

Serves 2-4


Includes: 3 lbs Roasted Turkey, 2 Pints Mashed Potatoes, 2 Pints Roasted Vegetables, 2 Pints Cornbread Stuffing, 1 pint Cranberry Sauce, 1 pint Gravy, and 4 slices of pie.

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Organic Turkey Dinner

for 1


Includes: 1 lbs Roasted Turkey, 1/2 pint Mashed Potatoes,1 pint Roasted Vegetables, 1/2 pint Cornbread Stuffing,1/2 pint Cranberry Sauce, 1/2 pint Gravy, and a slice of pie.

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Grilled Salmon Dinner


Includes: 1 lbs Atlantic Salmon, 1 pints Mashed Potatoes, 1 pint Sauteed Green Beans, and 2 slices of pie.

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Pecan, Pumpkin & Apple Pie

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