Glee Gum Natural Mixed Berry Chewing Gum, 16 Pieces

Glee GumSKU: 649815000128

Sold By: 16 PIECES


Glee gum natural mixed berry chewing gum is unlike any other gum. this bubblegum is made with a natural, plastic-free gum base and natural colors, flavors and sweeteners. this kosher and non-gmo gum is sweetened with fair-trade cane sugar and aspartame free. each box of glee gum natural mixed berry chewing gum contains 16 pieces.

Cane sugar, gum base (chicle, calcium carbonate, candelilla wax, citric acid), brown rice syrup, gum arabic, natural flavors (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry), radish, lemon, blackcurrant (for color), carnauba wax.

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