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About our people

Our Management and staff at LifeThyme make sure we are delivering truly superior , natural and organic food and products to our customer. One of our goals is to help our customers become better informed about the products we sell–with the hope that it will lead to them making better purchases.

Some of our people

• We have an in-house chef with a staff who whip up wonderfully original and delicious natural and organic entrees and sandwiches everyday.

• Our staff of exceptional bakers are on premises making Oh–so–good vegan desserts from scratch, as well as raw food treats–throughout the day.

• The trusted staff in our wellness department is second to none in the city and can guide you in the right direction to the natural vitamins, supplement or other natural remedies.


• We have managers and staff members throughout the store who are passionately doing their part to keep LifeThyme functioning well by making sure superior natural and organic products are being brought into the store, that everything brought in or prepared in the store is presented well, and that  our customers are being helped.

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