Healthy from the Start
We had a natural birth.
And our food and products have remained natural and organic ever since.

Our natural market has grown organically–with organic products.

We were here selling Organic and Natural foods when most people thought of “Organic” as being a bit odd. Funny how times change.

We did it before it was trendy.

We did it before there was any backlash from customers and health officials about foods that contain unhealthy ingredients, additives and harmful synthetic pesticides. We did it because we always knew consuming foods that are healthier and closer to nature were better for us, our families, our customers and frankly the entire world. And it was something we were incredibly passionate about.

We look at it this way: We care about our customers and we want you to be around a long time.

Sometimes we wonder why so many other companies don’t seem to share our belief and commitment to only make or sell products that start from a better place and are made form only natural ingredients–instead of making and selling products with less healthy ingredient that have been altered or modified–You know, ingredients like hydrogenated oils, enriched bleached flour and high fructose corn syrup. Ingredients that others companies prefer to use because they’re cheaper or allow for their perishable products to have a longer shelf life.


You’re not likely to find those types of things in products at our market–not because it’s become trendy–simply because that’s not who we are. It’s not who we were even when we first opened. We’re proud to say: We were healthy from the start.


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