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We’re happy to deliver any items from our market.

We’ll bring you salads and sandwiches and meals from our kitchen, treats from our vegan bakery, organic concoctions from our juice bar, groceries, vitamins, supplements, household goods, health and beauty products, and more– Just ask.

We even provide catering for parties and business related functions. Maybe you’d like us to put together a  wonderful assortment of sandwiches and baked vegan treats like cupcakes and cookies for an office meeting? We can do that.

Get lunch or dinner delivered to your home or your office?

It’s easy to do and you’ll feel better knowing you’re getting something that not only tastes great but is made in our kitchen with only natural and organic ingredients. So whether you are hungry for a great tasting, healthier sandwich, wrap, salad, or vegetarian lasagna. We can deliver it.

Our in-house chef is whip up tasty and healthy food every day– Call us today for delivery or special orders.

Click below to see our GrubHub menu or call us today at 212-420-9099 for delivery of special orders.

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